Toma-Toma 4 – The Crazy Edition


We took a little longer this time, but just because we wanted to bring you an AWESOME line up! Something a bit different from all the other editions! 🙂

4th edition! 🙂 Who would have told? 😀 The oldest (strictly) Kizomba Festival in Slovakia! 🙂 We want you to come and have fun with us! Last year it was AMAZING, we are determined to surpass it next year! Are you with us?

What are we offering? A UNIQUE atmosphere! Come and dance among your dancing Family! We welcome all members with arms wide open for a weekend of dancing, learning, socializing, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, the best music, FUN FUN FUN and we are guessing, “some” crazyness!

Check out the Crazy Teacher line up this year! 😉

AfroLatin Connection:
– Ricardo e Paula
– Bruno e Catarina
João e Giedre
Mandela e Lisa
Maria e Arnold
Marian e Sisa
Mirabella e Álvaro
Rico e Josy
Tó Costa
Tony Pirata e Sophie Fox

The Crazy people in charge to make your parties amazing:

Dj DStylus ( David Flor)
Dj Hugo Boss
Dj Grabowsky ( Attila)
Dj Rock ( Joao N. Rocha)
Dj SupaMan ( Álvaro)
Dj Tó Costa

Save the date! Venue info and Flash Promo are coming soon!!!!