3rd Anniversary of Kizomba Club Hungary

May 2014: 3rd Anniversary of Kizomba Club Hungary

Dear Kizombeiro!

We are happy to invite you for the 3rd Anniversary of the education of Kizomba Club Hungary!

It’s a long time, so we’d like ti make it unforgettable..you know 😉

Venue: Parkett

The music presented by:
Dj Grabowszky
Puto Produções
and ……
Dj Paparazzi

The more people, the more fun this time! Old or new student, friend, bigger friend…very welcome on this night!

New extension for the program:

21.00 – 22.00: 1 hour with Dj Paparazzi – inspiration and motivation producing music, kizomba musicality – variety today in kizomba scene

22.00 – 03.00: Party

2000 Ft / 7 EUR (preorder)
3000 Ft / 10 EUR (at the door)

Registration for the preordered tickets:

You can take it over and pay at the entrance!

Vamo’ Kizombada!