2nd Budapest Kizomba Connection: 2012

August 2012: 2nd Budapest Kizomba Connection

★ KWENDA LIMA (Cabo Verde)
★ MORENASSO & ANAIS (Angola/France)
★ HELIO SANTOS (Cabo Verde)

★Ronaldo Magalhaes (Brazil)
★Lúcio Senzala (Brazil)
★Nikolett & Marko (Hungary/Croatia)
★Fernando Rodriguez-Domingos (Angola)
★Wytza Szerecsen (Hungary)
★Clara Jamimah (Hungary)
★Barbara Iwatt (Nigeria)


PeCsa Garden (thursday-friday-saturday parties):
Városliget, Zichy Mihály út 14.
Budapest, 14th district

Experidance House (workshops and sunday party):
Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
Budapest, 14th district


★ Kizomba / Passada
★ KaizenDance with live drummers
★ Traditional dances of Cabo Verde (morna,funana, coladeira…)
★ Semba
★ Kuduro
★ Tarraxinha
★ Contact-improvisation
★ Brazilian dances (lambazouk, samba de gafieira, funk, capoeira)
( workshop schedule coming soon )


★50% kizomba – 50% others (salsa, bachata, afrobeat, kuduro, and surprises) – animations, shows, contests and other extras included! 😉

☊ DJ Cisko (France)
☊ DJ Uankana (Angola)
☊ DJ Chad (France)
☊ DJ Grabowsky (Hungary)


★ Friday – Welcome Party

★ Saturday – Workshops, Kizomba Connection Party (kizomba, semba, kuduro, salsa, bachata and more)

★ Sunday – Workshops, Farewell Party


★★★ FULLPASS: only 75 euros!!! if registered before 15th August, can be payed at the door
Including all workshops and parties!

REGISTRATION FORM: http://bit.ly/GCte05

For GROUP DISCOUNTS or any special requests please contact us via email!

✆NIKOLETT +36 30 2222 9 55
✆FRANCIS +336 50 14 91 92


There are various types of accomodation in Budapest, from hostel/hotel to private apartment. Our personal recommendation:

Hostel: http://www.baroquehostel.hu/
Nice hostel, very near the venue! Please use “KizombaConnection” as a code when booking, to get the reserved places (we reserved all the hostel for you, and they only keep the rooms for us!)

single room: 26 EUR
2 beds (double or twin): 46 EUR/room
6 beds dorm: 18 EUR/person
8 beds dorm: 18 EUR/person
4 beds dorm: 20 EUR/person

TRAVEL (return ticket prices at the moment)

Flights: we have lots of cheap flights from most of the European capitals via Ryanair, WizzAir and Easyjet, prices starting from 10 euro!!!!
Bratislava: by train 16 euro!!!!
Vienna: by train 25 euro!!!!
Belgrad: by train 26 euro!!!
Zagreb: by train 30 euro!!!

Join us for the second Budapest Kizomba Connection, and let’s make Budapest the capital of Central-East Europe Kizomba Communities! 😉

Budapest… Some like it hot… 😉